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A Picture Paints A Thousand Tour Guide`s Words!

Why hire a private tour guide in Kiev

The main street in Kiev

The main street in Kiev

8 reasons:

1. You get the information you need and experience your destination like an insider.

2. You always choose the time and place and exactly what you’ll see (or you can let a private tour guide in Kiev show you the best of Kiev). Stop to rest, shop, eat or explore in further detail at your own pace.

3. You get closer to details and enjoy personal conversations geared directly to your interests.

4. You are inspired by a private guide, who shares his/her love of Kiev and Ukrainian culture with you in English.

5. You get the experience of a lifetime because your tour is personalized.

6. You are a guest. It’s like having a friend in Ukraine, Kiev to take you under the wing and show you what only the insiders know.

7. You’ll have a new outlook on travel in just a couple of hours.

8. Private means best – with large tour groups you are stuck to their schedule. Sometimes they pass up the most interesting details about a sight because it would be impossible for everyone in a large group to see it.  And sometimes you can’t hear the guide, because you fall behind or the pace is too fast. On your own is also not the best way, because you walk around with your nose in a guidebook and in a Kiev map.  None of this happens with a private guide in Kiev!

Golden Gate in Kiev

Golden Gate in Kiev

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    1. Not ready for a new one yet Many thanks..

    2. Hello There,

      I have a group of 7 men visiting our company in June 14. They are VIP visitors, we need to give them a special VIP tour for 5 hours from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm.
      Can you please advice me what tour can you give us ? give me a program, and rates please.


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