The Spiritual Anthem of Ukraine
Oh God, Almighty and Only
for us our Ukraine, please, keep
with rays of freedom and light
may You set her in light.
With the light of science and knowledge
keep us, Your children, enlightened.
In pure love to the land
May You, oh Lord, bring us up.
We pray, oh Lord and the Only,
for us our Ukraine, please, keep.
All of your grace and generosity,
May you turn to our people.
Give it freedom, give it good fate,
give it good world, happiness,
give, oh Lord, the people
And many, many years.

Gracious God,
we thank you that you are a God of compassion and mercy.
We pray for the people of the Ukraine.
For those weighed down by fear and confusion we pray for peace and clarity.
For those lost in grief and sorrow bring the warmth of your care and the strength of your presence.
We pray that you may raise up peacemakers who have a positive vision of unity and hope.
We ask that you may lift the voices of understanding and reconciliation that they may be heard.
May bonds of love overcome suspicion.
O God have mercy.