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Tour Guides in Ukraine

Kiev Pechersk Lavra

There is the generic definition of “tour guides” in the Ukrainian tourism industry which was established in the “soviet time”. Kiev (or Ukrainian) Tour Guides should assist the visitor in seeing the place in an excellent, unique way. Mostly all Tour Guides in Ukraine should see the career as being an international tour guide. After all, the type of visitor to the attraction or sight may be local, regional or international.

There are some kinds of tour guide in Ukraine and world practice.
On-site Guides
If you went to the Kiev Pechersk Lavra, the person who takes you on tour of the sight is called an on-site guide. This tour guide conducts the tour of a limited area. These tours can be taken often walking. Usually in ukrainian travel and tourism, these sights are called attractions. And another type of on-site guide working free of charge or volunteering may be called a docent (or free-guide). They specifically work to get more experience.

Kiev City Guides
For pleasure and discovery a traveller can take a tour of the Kiev city by car, van, taxi or as part of a walking tour. The person who points out and comments on the highlights of the city is called a City Guide.
When the Kiev City Guide doubles the duty by driving the auto, that person becomes the Kiev Driver-Guide.
Another type of City Guide is the Personal or Private Kiev Guide. They sometimes hire taxi drivers to use their vehicles to conduct an Exclusive Kiev Tour or arrange the Tour based on the client’s needs.

Specialized Guides in Ukraine
This category of Guides have particular skills that are highly unique to match the client’s needs. These Guides may conduct ukrainian bike tours, rafting trips, hiking expeditions or on tours that are more physically demanding and unusual. This will be backpack hiking in the Carpathian Mountains.

Step-on Guides in Ukraine
This kind of Guide is a free-lanced guide. They are considered specialists who come on-board a motor coach or bus to give informed overviews of the ukrainian cities being toured. This would usually be for tour groups in Ukraine that are taking in more than one oblast during the trip.

Shore excursions Guides, Land operators or Receptive Operators
Guides that work for cruise ships can be classified as Cruise Ship Tour Guides or Shore Excursion Guides.
Also Guides that work for tour companies or ground operators may be called land operators or receptive operators. A ground operator in Ukraine is a type of in-bound tour operator who specializes in servicing other tour companies’ arriving groups in a limited geographic area. These guides meet their clients and conduct tours for the various groups.
These shore excursion staff give information on the land-based tour to the clients and take comments and/or complaints related to the tour taken.
Cruise companies offer and sell their passengers organized tours of the different areas they travel to.

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    1. We are looking for a private guide and driver for 2 persons in Ukraine in July.

      We will be on a cruise ship and will be at a different location each day

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