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Rules of Etiquette, Traditions, etc.

private tour guide

Ukrainians are very hospitable.

As their guest, you will receive red-carpet treatment. This includes heavily-laden tables, gifts, and many toasts.

Some rules of etiquette may be useful: Continue reading

Our services as Private Tour Guides completely depend on your needs


If you have a business trip to Kiev we can arrange transportation during a day or evening, between your business meetings I can show you the best places to have lunch and more…

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Interesting facts about Ukraine – Wonders of Ukraine

In July 2007, the Ukrainians voted for their seven favourite historical and cultural sites. The sites were then given the status of being the “Seven Wonders of Ukraine”.

Ukraine is a large country of diverse natural beauty, rich in culture and with a long, interesting history!

Experts in various fields were asked to vote for their seven best sites, which were condensed into a list of 1,000 candidates. These were examined by a council of 100 experts and the list was narrowed down to 21. Then Internet users could cast their votes to make up the list of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine. The response from the public was very positive. About 77,000 internet users took part in the campaign.

And here what they chose:

Sofievskiy Park in Uman
1. National Park Sofiyivka
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I am from Ukraine

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Main part of a Kiev Tour Guide Presentation

Kreenets - Private Tour Guide

Tour Commentaries are the narratives tour guides use to describe a sight and provide information about various aspects of Ukraine country to passengers while on a ukrainian tour. This is generally referred to as “guidespeak”. Continue reading

Tour Guides in Ukraine

Kiev Pechersk Lavra

There is the generic definition of “tour guides” in the Ukrainian tourism industry which was established in the “soviet time”. Kiev (or Ukrainian) Tour Guides should assist the visitor in seeing the place in an excellent, unique way. Mostly all Tour Guides in Ukraine should see the career as being an international tour guide. After all, the type of visitor to the attraction or sight may be local, regional or international.

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Interesting Ukraine – Best Places


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Why do people typically pursue the Ukrainian tour industry?

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Why hire a private tour guide in Kiev

The main street in Kiev

The main street in Kiev

8 reasons:

1. You get the information you need and experience your destination like an insider.

2. You always choose the time and place and exactly what you’ll see (or you can let a private tour guide in Kiev show you the best of Kiev). Stop to rest, shop, eat or explore in further detail at your own pace. Continue reading

Tips about Kiev Tour Guides




1. To pick a Kiev tour guide – if you have more than one Kiev guide listed, pick your favorite and send a request. By Sending the same request to all guides, you will low the validity of your request.
2. To send a Request – click the Kiev tour guide’s email address to open an email. Do not alter the email address or subject line or your email may not reach the guide. Make your request as specific as possible.
3. To get Driving Tours – if you are considering a driving tour, please note the difference between a “driver” and a “driver guide” in Kiev. Drivers are professional chauffeurs, while driver guides are trained about historical sights and provide commentery.
4. To get information about Transport, Entrances and Taxes – transportation and entrance fees are not usually included in private tours in Kiev. In some cities or countries, you may also need to pay a tax. Always confirm these details with your private Kiev guide, while making your arrangements.
5. To give Tipping – usually tour guides in Kiev are self employed and tips are greatly appreciated. A customary tip is 10-15% of the total. You will likely embarrass your guide in Kiev, if you ask how much to tip.
1. To pick a Kiev tour guide – if you have more than one Kiev guide listed, pick your favorite and send a request. By Sending the same request to all guides, you will low the validity of your request. Continue reading
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