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Interesting Ukraine – Best Places


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Tarkhankut Cape

Tarkhankut - Atlesh
Tarkhankut is on the western border of Crimea.The most extreme points are capes of Kara-mrun (Black nose) and Tarkhankut. Continue reading

Kharkiv and Odessa in the 19th century

Lopansky Bridge

Kharkiv is is the second largest city in  Ukraine. Continue reading

Crimea – The Kara-Dag Reserve

Sea trip around Kara-dag

Sea trip around Kara-dag

The Kara-dag reserve on the coast of Crimea, between the village of Kurortnoye and the resort of Koktebel, is one of those places where, whatever your religion, you can feel the hand of the Creator at work. Continue reading

Crimea -The Golden Gate

Crimea - The Golden Gate

The Kara Dag volcanic mountain is located in Crimea near Koktebel. It is also a nature reserve. Koktebel was known as a vacation spot for writers in the Soviet Union. There is a mixture of public and private beaches with a paved walkway all along the bay. On this walkway there are small restaurants, cafes, kiosks, and small market areas selling arts and crafts, dried fish. In the evening, the walkway comes alive with many small discos.