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Buky – Landscape Park in the Kiev Oblast

Village Buki – a small locality situated 12 km to the north of the district center Skvira, Kiev oblast and has about 600 residents. Even in the 11-13 centuries there were first settlements. Continue reading

Nature of Ukraine


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Hydropark and all Kiev in one Hand


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Bohuslav in Kiev Oblast

Bohuslav is a city of district significance on the Ros River in Kiev Oblast (province). It is the administrative centre of Bohuslav Raion. The population is about 16000.

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Hetman Capital City of Baturyn in Ukraine

Hetman Fortress national historical and cultural reserve in Baturyn, Ukraine

Baturyn (Baturin) is a historic town in the Chernihiv Oblast in the North of Ukraine. It is located in the Bakhmach district of the oblast, on the banks of the Seym River. The current estimated population is 3,066.

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The hills above the Dnipro River. Trakhtemyriv

The hills above the Dnipro River. Trakhtemyriv
Trakhtemyriv, Kaniv district, a former Cossack capital

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Dzhurinsky waterfall near Nyrkiv village (Ternopil oblast)

Waterfall Dzhurynskyy
Near the picturesque ruins of a castle on the river Dzhuryn is the largest waterfall on the skirts, whose height is 16 m. Dzhurinsky Falls is the largest plain waterfalls of Ukraine. Continue reading

Ternopil Oblast – Zaleschyky

Zaleschyky - Dnister River

Ternopil Oblast is an oblast (province) of Ukraine. Its administrative center is Ternopol, through which flows the Seret River, a tributary of the Dniester.

The current estimated population is around 10,100. Continue reading

Zakarpatska oblast

Zakarpatska oblast

The Zakarpatska Oblast is an administrative oblast located in southwestern Ukraine.

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Rivers of Ukraine – Gornyy Tikach

Gornyy Tikach - rivers of Ukraine

Gornyy Tikach is a river in Cherkasska oblast in Central Ukraine. Continue reading

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