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Interesting facts about Ukraine – Wonders of Ukraine

In July 2007, the Ukrainians voted for their seven favourite historical and cultural sites. The sites were then given the status of being the “Seven Wonders of Ukraine”.

Ukraine is a large country of diverse natural beauty, rich in culture and with a long, interesting history!

Experts in various fields were asked to vote for their seven best sites, which were condensed into a list of 1,000 candidates. These were examined by a council of 100 experts and the list was narrowed down to 21. Then Internet users could cast their votes to make up the list of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine. The response from the public was very positive. About 77,000 internet users took part in the campaign.

And here what they chose:

Sofievskiy Park in Uman
1. National Park Sofiyivka
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Hetman Capital City of Baturyn in Ukraine

Hetman Fortress national historical and cultural reserve in Baturyn, Ukraine

Baturyn (Baturin) is a historic town in the Chernihiv Oblast in the North of Ukraine. It is located in the Bakhmach district of the oblast, on the banks of the Seym River. The current estimated population is 3,066.

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Interesting Ukraine – Best Places


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Chortkiv is a city in the Ternopil oblast – in western Ukraine. The town is the administrative center of the Chortkiv District. Population is about 27 000. Chortkiv is located on the Seret River, this is in the northern part of Galician Podilia and is situated in the historic region of Galicia.
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Kremenets. Ternopil Oblast

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Kozelets – historic town in Chernihiv region


Kozelets is a historic town located in Chernihiv Oblast of northern Ukraine. Kozelets is located on the Oster River, a tributary of the Dnieper. The city’s estimated population is 8,305 (as of 2007). Continue reading

Berdychiv in Zhytomyr region


Berdychiv is a historic town in the Zhytomyr Oblast in the North of Ukraine. It is located 44 km south of the oblast capital, Zhytomyr. The current estimated population is around 88,000. The town has a charming old center, but the greatest sight to see is the fantastic Carmelite monastery that is currently being restored.

In 1430, Grand Duke of Lithuania  granted the rights over the area to Kalinik, the procurator of  Zvenigorod. And there is a version that his servant named Berdich founded a  settlement there. However, the etymology of the name Berdychiv is not known.

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Bessarabskiy market in the downtown of Kyiv

Bessarabskiy market in Kiev

Bessarabskiy market in Kiev

The Bessarabska Square market is at the end of the Khreschatyk Street. Only by the end of the 40s of XIX century the Square was included into the city zone. Early, it was used as a stop-point for the guests coming from the South. Continue reading

Kiev Pechersk Lavra – Monastery of the Caves

Kiev Pechersk Lavra

Kiev Pechersk Lavra

The Kyiv Pechersk Lavra Monastery is the sacred place of the East European Christendom. Nowadays it is a living religious community which came back to life after the soviet time not so long ago. Part of the monastery is open for tourists. Continue reading

The Gorodetska Street in Kiev

National academic theatre of Ivan Franko

National academic theatre of Ivan Franko

A lot of people dream of visiting Paris. But to feel the charm of Montmartre, it is not necessarily going to France. It is enough to turn from the Khreshchatyk Street to the Lipki district and you face quiet aristocratic street with luxury shops, cosy cafes and restaurants, with a cinema and theatre. The Gorodetskaya Street (early Nikolaevskaya) is really called the Kievan Paris. Continue reading

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