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Guided Tour to the ex-president of Ukraine Yanukovichs residence – Mezhygirya

 Guided Tour to the ex-president of Ukraine Yanukovichs residence - Mezhygirya

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Private Tour to Mezhyhirya – land between hills

Tour Guide to Mezhyhirya was the former private residence of former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych

Mezhyhirya is a toponym of Ukrainian origin which means land between mounts or land between hills.  Continue reading

Orthodox temples in Ukraine

As with most European countries, Ukrainians were originally a pagan nation of idol worshippers. In 988 AD, Prince Vladimir the Great of Kiev accepted Orthodox Christianity and brought the entire country under the influence of the Byzantine Empire. The period was characterized by mass baptisms, when many of the Prince’s subjects converted to Christianity. Despite changes over the past 1000 years, Ukrainian Orthodox Christianity remains the main religion of Ukraine today, with some 70% of Ukrainians still claiming to belong to this faith. Continue reading

Interesting Ukraine – Best Places


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Gustyn Holy-Trinity Monastery

Gustyn Holy-Trinity Monastery

Pryluky or Priluki is a city located on the Udai River in the Chernihiv Oblast, north-central Ukraine. Serving as the administrative center of the Prylutsky district. The city boasts various monuments of national importance, including the Cossack regiment treasury, Gustyn Holy-Trinity Monastery, various churches and ancient cathedrals.

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Holy Dormition Pochayiv Lavra

Holy Dormition Pochayiv Lavra

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Ternopil Oblast – Zaleschyky

Zaleschyky - Dnister River

Ternopil Oblast is an oblast (province) of Ukraine. Its administrative center is Ternopol, through which flows the Seret River, a tributary of the Dniester.

The current estimated population is around 10,100. Continue reading

Inside the St.Michael`s Cathedral

St.Michael`s Cathedral

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Berdychiv in Zhytomyr region


Berdychiv is a historic town in the Zhytomyr Oblast in the North of Ukraine. It is located 44 km south of the oblast capital, Zhytomyr. The current estimated population is around 88,000. The town has a charming old center, but the greatest sight to see is the fantastic Carmelite monastery that is currently being restored.

In 1430, Grand Duke of Lithuania  granted the rights over the area to Kalinik, the procurator of  Zvenigorod. And there is a version that his servant named Berdich founded a  settlement there. However, the etymology of the name Berdychiv is not known.

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Churches available to visit in Kiev and what is located there

Churches in Kiev

While Christianity suffered much at the hands of the Soviet, including the destruction of many churches and the martyrdom of countless Christians, belief was not eradicated nor were all historical reminders of a thousand-years of Orthodox christianity destroyed. A sampling of the remaining churches is offered here as a visible testimony to the Faith that has for so long been a part of the people of this land. More than two-dozen churches were selected for presentation in varying degrees of detail. Continue reading

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