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Puscha-Voditsa in Kiev Region

Puscha-Voditsa, Kiev region
Puscha-Voditsa is a historic place and climate resort in the northwestern part of Kiev. It is located within a dense forest and away from the urban Kiev. Puscha is known for number of sanatoriums and state cottages for government officials. Continue reading

Nature of Ukraine


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Guided Tour to the ex-president of Ukraine Yanukovichs residence – Mezhygirya

 Guided Tour to the ex-president of Ukraine Yanukovichs residence - Mezhygirya

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On the Shatsk lakes

Gull above the Lake

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Shatsk lakes

Svityaz Lake

Svityaz Lake

Ukraine has a great diversity of natural landscapes and wildlife. For this reason areas of Ukraine have been declared protected areas, nature reserves and National parks. National Parks in Ukraine are vital for preserving large natural areas and provide the country with great opportunities to develop ecotourism.

Briefly about the Shatsk Lakes:

1. Country: Ukraine

2. Name: Shatsk Lakes

3. Geographical coordinates: 51`31’N 23`50’E

4. Area: (in hectares) 32, 850 ha, incl. 6, 628 ha of water, 1, 977 ha of marshes (mires) and peatlands, 4, 492 ha of meadows, 13, 935 ha of forests. This site is territory of the Shatskyi National Nature Park.

5. Overview: Wetland site Shatsk Lakes is the part of unique system (which consists from 22 lakes) with marshes (mires), peatlands, meadows and forests.

6. General location: Shatsk Lakes is situated on the territory of Shatskyi administrative district of Volynska Oblast (administrative region of Ukraine), 160 km north-west from Lutsk city (administrative centre of Volynska Oblast), on the border with Belarus.

7. Local residents: More than 12 000 people live in the biosphere’s transition area where they are engaged in agriculture, tourism and other public services. Many of them belong to different cultures, nationalities and religions. In addition to this variety, more than 100 000 tourists visit the reserve each year. While the business opportunities created by tourism contribute to a significant portion of the local economy, local communities have made earnest efforts to ensure that any economic development does not negatively affect the park.

8. What to do: Beach- and sun-bathing; boating, yachting and catamaran walking; biking, hiking; wild bird watching (8,000 -12,000 birds on migration, 27 Red Book species); rural (green) tourism etc.

9. Jurisdiction: local Radas of the Deputies. Functional jurisdiction: on protected area of the Shatskyi National Nature Park – of the State Committee of Forestry, on other areas – regional administrative authorities of different sectors: State Committee of Forestry (forest use and hunting), Ministry of Agricultural Industry Complexes of Ukraine (farming), State Committee of Fishery (fishing), State Committee of Water Resources (water using) etc. Continue reading

Korostyshev Lake in the Kiev region


Lake on the ground granite quarry

The site is a lake that was created in the place of an old granite quarry site. There is no inflow of water and the lake was filled by the natural uprise of groundwater since the water table is very high. Continue reading

Natural wonder of Ukraine – Svityaz Lake

The deepest Lake in Ukraine

The deepest Lake in Ukraine

Svityaz or Svitiaz ( Світязь in Ukrainian) is considered to be one of the seven natural wonders of Ukraine in the Volyn region. It is also the deepest lake in Ukraine. A maximum depth is 58.4 meters.

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