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  2. Springtime. Ukrainian winters are long and cold but you’re lucky enough to be in Kiev in May/June – the burst of green shoots, blossoming trees and smiling people in Kiev will warm your soul.
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  4. You are never more than 100 meters from a bank in the center of Kiev. If stand anywhere in Kiev and spin 360 degrees you’ll probably see at least one.
  5. Fast food restaurants with local cuisine sell cheap, tasty Ukrainian food and, dotted all over Kiev and they are a massive hit with locals and foreigners alike. Simply grab a tray, choose from a huge selection of national dishes and then stuff your face.
  6. Crossing the road. Almost all crossroads or intersections in Kiev have a pedestrian crossing and pedestrians have the right-of-way. But it is better to stop and wait till the cars also stop.
  7. Every car is a potential taxi. This is one of the most endearing things about Ukraine and other ex-soviet countries. Just hold you hand out and soon-enough someone will stop to give you a lift. First negotiate your price and you’re off.
  8. Marshrutkas. These little yellow mini-buses buzz around the city like flightless bumble-bees and they are awesome. Wherever you are in Kiev, you can find a Marshrutka to take you home, or take you where you need to go. They’re cheap at just 2.5-3 UAH (25 cents) a trip. Paying for your Mashrutka you are passing your money to the person in front of you. He/she will pass it on and you can watch as your money moves off to the driver. Relax as your change works its way back to you. To get out of Marshrutka you have to cry very loudly asking to stop.
  9. Kiosks are small square box-like street shops. They’re everywhere and its amazing what you can get from their little tiny windows.
  10. Metrograd (Metro-town). Its an underground shopping world, crammed full of expensive stuff that nobody buys.
  11. Babushkas are grandmas! The fact that it is both friendly and respectful to call all old women ‘Babushka’.
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  13. Soup with every meal. Ukrainians like soup, especially red one – called Borsch. It makes every dinner feel like a special occasion.
  14. Train picnics. If you are travelling by train in Ukraine, your fellow train passengers will feed you, talk to you and look after you.
  15. Mama. If you hear a mobile phone ring in Kiev there’s an 85% chance it will be Mama calling to check on someone.
  16. Summer. In Ukraine it can be long, dry and very hot.
  17. Exchange Boothes. Change your dollars or Euros into Hrivna with women in small boxes. They are even more common than banks.
  18. Boat-Trips on the dniper, complete with great views, booze and bad pop music.
  19. Wide Sidewalks. Kiev doesn’t have cycle paths, but thanks to shrewd Soviet city planning it does have wide streets and large pavements. But they’re often covered in cars.
  20. The Botanical Gardens. Kiev has two and they are great!
  21. Art Galleries. Dotted across the city, Kiev has some intriguing art spaces. From crumbling exhibition halls, to shiny modern glitzy-galleries, there are plenty of places to stroke your goatee and ponder the exhibits.
  22. Boulevards. Kiev has many wide, tree-lined boulevards where you can walk and talk.
  23. Flowers. Not only are there flower shops all over the city, but many of them are 24-hour flower shops!
  24. Kiev Metro System is the underground. The metro in Kiev was opened in 1960 and very little has changed since, however – its still brilliant. It is incredibly noisy but it’s fast, extremely clean and safe and allows you to cross the whole city! The little blue Metro tokens cost 2 hrivnas.
  25. Museum of Miniature. This is possibly one of the  favorite museum for Kievians and their tourists because every single exhibit makes you surprised. You can also read the worlds smallest book!
  26. The Pecherska Lavra. Here there are caves with mummified saints, healing fountains, golden-domed churches and a lot of Monks.
  27. Rodina Mat or Motherland Statue. If there was a fight between Rodina Mat and the statue of Liberty, Rod M would kick Liberties arse!
  28. Street markets offering everything you could ever need in the world. This is trade as it should be – cheap and fun.
  29. Late shopping hours mean that you can buy for ex. shoes at 10pm all week …
  30. Beaches. How many large European capital cities are covered in large sandy beaches? The answer is: not many. But Kiev is…
  31. Autumn. If you thought spring was beautiful, just wait until Autumn.
  32. War Statue in Kiev
  33. Free Street Concerts. It seems like a week goes by in Kiev without a free stage show and pop-concert.
  34. Kreshatik Street. It’s the main street in Kiev and Kievians and visitors alike love to stroll here. Its also closed at the weekend so you can stroll even more and enjoy the many (sometimes bizarre) street performers.
  35. Holidays, name days and ‘other’ days. Whatever day it is – someone will be celebrating in Kiev. Woman’s day is by far the most important (it’s a day off and requires you to buy a lot of flowers).
  36. Kiev is covered in fountains and water features. No self-respecting park would be seen in public without a fountain.
  37. Kiev Trams. They were made in the Soviet times. Since then, they have been moving people around Kiev without modification. Tram drivers are normally serious looking women.
  38. Ukrainian noises. Its hard to describe them here but Ukrainian females make very high (often loud) noises when they speak. The guys make very low, tough noises.
  39. Kiev is incredibly safe and people are very well behaved. If you have any problems, they will probably come from the Police, not the Kievians.
  40. Podil District. This is the heart of the old-town and a center of trade and commerce. It’s beautiful, diverse and charming …in an ‘old and falling down’ kinda way.
  41. The water museum. Where else in the world can you learn about wather purification, ride in a fake lift, sit on a massive fake toilet?
  42. Architecture. Oft the old late 19th and early 20th century here is fascinating and often colourfully painted in pastel pink, green or yellow.
  43. It is customary to make a short but profound and sincere speech about someone when it is their birthday. You must stand up, make the speech then drink to their health.
  44. Kievians often speak three or four. Naturally bi-lingual (Ukrainian and Russian) most Ukrainians also speak English and study French, German, Spanish etc.
  45. Communal toilets and washing facilities are sometimes terrible and difficult to find one.
  46. Glamour. Kiev is a glamourous city and the Kievians love to be glamourous.
  47. Everything in Kiev is written in Cyrillic, including the tourist attractions and metro maps. At first its daunting, but as you get better at reading, its extremely rewarding – you feel like a code breaker every time you identify the correct Metro stop)))
  48. People will speak English with you even if they only know a few words.
  49. The USSR is forever – in the details, on the buildings, in the street-names and even on the butter. Communist icons and insignia are hiding everywhere like forgotten easter eggs.
  50. Semki (Sunflower Seeds) and Salo (fat on bread) are special things for ukrainians.
  51. Andrew`s descent
  52. There are digital ‘iBoxes’ everywhere. You feed money into them and pay for your mobile phone or other things. If you are at home, you can ask other people to feed the machine and buy you credit.
  53. You can get a 3 course ‘Business Lunch’ for less than 5 Euros.
  54. Its normal to be late for women.
  55. Ukrainians say ‘our people’ when they talk about themselves.
  56. People will smuggle you into places. This has happened to me in the Circus, on the train and at the theater.
  57. The Opera, Theater, Ballet are amazing and cheap.
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