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Pavoloch, Pavolotch, Pavolotsch, Pavolocz

Pavoloch in Zhytomyrska oblast

Pavolitch is at N49°52′ E29°27′, which is 100 km south-west of Kiev in Zhytomyrska oblast. Pavoloch is first known to have existed at the beginning of the 17th century.

Old Synagogue - now it is the Pavolitch museum

Old Synagogue - now it is the Pavolitch museum

Nowadays Pavolitch is a rural community on the Rostovitsa river in western Ukraine. It used to be in southwest Russia, and before that it was in eastern Poland, or sometimes southern Lithuania. The area was in flux throughout the centuries with armies endlessly fighting, invading, occupying and retreating.

Inside the museum

This is an exhibit in the Pavolitch museum, which is housed in the Synagogue.

Picture of the fortress once built there

The museum is used to be open on the working hours. If not, here is the phone number of its worker +38 098 999 69 51 (Larisa Anatolievna). The entrance is free of charge. In the museum you can buy a book about the Pavolotch history.

In the museum

In the museum

In the museum

Pavoloch administrative building

Pavolochs name changed too, depending on the provenance of the person it was spoken to. Poles and Ukrainians called it Pawolocz or Pawolotsch and Russians knew it as Pavoloch. In Yiddish it was Pavolitch.


In 1736 the Haidamacks carried out a pogrom in Pavoloch, massacring 35 Jews and engaging in plunder. Records of 1765 show 1,041 Jews as paying the poll tax in Pavoloch and its vicinity. Jews numbered 2,113 in 1847, and in 1897 the number rose to 3,391 42% of the population.(EJ) In 1910 the population was 15,454 including 3,686 Jews.


During the Civil War (of 1917-1919) the shtetl declined and most of its inhabitants left. Jewish residents numbered 1,837 (88.2% of the population) in 1926. The Jews who remained in Pavoloch during the Nazi occupation in World War II were exterminated. There is no information on Jews living in Pavoloch after World War II. No Jews live there today.

Jewish cemetery

Here are some pictures of the Jewish cemetery, which is about half a mile or so out of town.

Jewish cemetery

Jewish cemetery

Jewish cemetery

Jewish cemetery

Rostovytsya river

Pavoloch is located on the Rostovitsa River (Dnieper basin).

Old bridge - 120 years old

Rostovitsa river and the old Mill

Rostovitsa river and an old Mill

The other building which would have been there 100 years ago is this old mill.

The other building which would have been there 100 years ago is this old mill

Everything else was destroyed during the Nazi occupation (when all remaining Jews there were slaughtered).

Old mill built by Jews

Cossacks memorial




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