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My first visit to Kiev

My first visit to Kiev

My first visit to Kiev

My first journey to Kiev in 2006 was a bit scary if I am honest. I was going to a country I knew hardly anything about. It was a real challenge!

The airport is called Borispol, that is in the countryside  of Kiev, about 30 or so kilometres away from the centre.

After arriving in Kiev I was bewildered by all the sights and sounds! Another country, another people, another language! Texts are in Cyrillic, which made things a little more difficult to read at first, whereas in Western Europe it is much easier to work things out as the text is the same. Of cause it caused some problems as I could read but not understand what shop was what. In such a way I found all the people in Kiev most friendly and polite and quick to help a foreigner.

The girls look absolutely fabulous. Much better than I originally thought.  It is amazing that you can walk down the street on the Khreshatik (the main street in Kiev) in the centre of Kiev and you see so many girls walking the streets. I cannot imagine that happening any where else on the planet.

One thing I noticed about fashion was the level of sophistication in clothing. I was expecting something a lot less, but everyone seemed to dressed very smartly. The ladies seemed to be dressed very femininely and the men were dressed like men. No sign of anything in between. No sign of European dressing.

The stories about the Kiev Metro are all true. Just like the one in Moscow, the Metro is full of marble and chandelliers. Not a sign of any vandelism or graffiti, but was there much sign of advertising flyers as you would see on an underground system like in London or New York. The cost of the Metro is rather cheap too and is the usual way of getting from place to place by most people in Kiev. Alternatively it is also usual with people there to stick your hand out at the side of the road and be picked up by a passer by who takes you to your destination for a few Hrivnya (the Ukraine currency).

Anyone considering travelling to Ukraine will not be disappointed. It is such a great country with so much to see and offer.

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