In the world history Volodymyr is known to be the first who baptised the Kyivan Rus

Vladimir the Great

Vladimirskaya gorka Park was always the favourite pleasure place of Kyivers and their guests.

It is no wonder because the nature itself created so special corner for Kyiv to amaze all visitors. The monument (4 meters high) to the grand Kyiv duke Vladimir the Great gave the name to the park. It is made in Petersburg and after in 1853 set on 16 meters cast-iron base. The pedestal is decorated with bas-relief called Christening of Kyivers.

Askold`s grave

Askold`s grave

Askold’s Grave is a part of the Vladimirskiy park. There is a legend that on the hill of the Dnipro River in 882 Prince Oleg killed sons of Kie (founder of Kiev), princes Askold and Dir, and ascended the prince throne, becoming a very successful ruler of Rus. As for Askold and his brother, they were buried on the place where they were killed. According to the chronicles, Askold was honoured by Kyivers. It is known that Askold was baptized in Tsargrad in the 860s taking the name Nicholas and that he tried to convert Rus to Christianity.