Our Kyiv

Our Kyiv

Kyiv is rather conservative city, but at the same time it has a lot of faces. Yes, it is unique like everyone in this world. The golden domes of the churches let us see in many centuries deep and at the same time let us see in our souls deep. The green parks and hills are linking us with the nature and innings. The river shows us infinitude of being. The soviet architecture provides the sense of relativity we had. The modern architecture provides the sense of what we have. And all of these things create the absolute sense of being one of them who posses Kyiv.

Kiev Sightseeing Tours:

1. Most popular places of Kiev

Explore with us the National Opera of UkraineThe Golden Gate, Sophia’s CathedralSt. Michael’s CathedralFunicularCabinet of Ministers, Presidential Administration, National Bank of Ukraine, House with chimeras

Walking 5-6 hours tour – 75 Euro (1-3 pax), 100 Euro (4-8 pax)
Driving 3 hours tour – 90 Euro (1-3 pax), 120 Euro (4-8 pax)

2. Kiev Pechersk Lavra

Explore with us the oldest pilgrimage centre of orthodox Christians from Eastern Europe – Monastery of the caves. Relicts of Saints, those whom the Gord’s will made imperishable, lie there. At will – visiting the caves.

Walking 4 hour tour – 60 Euro (1-3 pax), 90 Euro (4-8 pax).
Driving 4 hours tour – 100 Euro (1-3 pax), 130 Euro (4-8 pax)

3. Soviet Kiev

Of course, the socialism left numerous marks in the history of Kiev. All these marks we are going to show you: Motherland Statue, Kiev “soviet time” buildings and memorials, a Statue of Lenin and more from the Soviet Era.

Walking 4 hour tour – 60 Euro (1-3 pax), 90 Euro (4-8 pax).
Driving 3 hours tour – 90 Euro (1-3 pax), 120 Euro (4-8 pax)

4. Kiev Central Streets

Independence Square, Khreshchatik Street, Gorodetska Street, Volodymyrska Street, European Square, Bessarabskiy Market and many other sightseeing places.

Walking 4 hour tour – 60 Euro (1-3 pax), 90 Euro (4-8 pax).

5. Ukraine village of 17-19 centuries (Open Air Museums – Pirogovo or Mamayeva Sloboda)

Driving 5 hours tour – 125 Euro (1-3 pax), 175 Euro (4-8 pax).

The prices do not include the entrance tickets to the Museums (3-5 Euro for one ticket). Tours program is optional and could be changed at any tourists’ will.

6. Monday Kiev Tour is free of charge

If you are ready to be guided on Monday, we are ready to do it for free.  

7. Compass Kiev Tour

Compass Kiev Tour is a budget tour.

By choosing this kind of our services be ready, that our Tour Guide is just your “Compass”.

Budget Kiev Tours – only for 40 Euro or 50 USD.
Borispol and Zhulyany Airports   meeting and transfers, Railway station meeting and transfers, Kiev private guiding, Exhibitions escorting, Shopping and sightseeing in free time, Translating and interpreting services if needed, Odesa private guiding.