Kiev Pechersk Lavra

Kiev Pechersk Lavra

Have you ever seen the break of the day over the River Dnipro? A trully unforgettable sight. In its pearly radiance, you can see the grandiose monument symbolizing Motherland and the domes of the ancient Lavra.

The sun has risen for many centures over the mighty Dnipro. Its wates have refleted the beauty of hand-created palaces once found in the city of Kiev – mother of Russian cities, the capital of Kiev Rus. The Dnipro once formed part of the famous trade-route “from the Varangians to the Greeks”. Here long ago the chronicler Nestor wrote his immortal Tale of Bygone Days in a tiny cell of the Pechersk Lavra. The prosperous years of Kievan Rus changed to years of discord and wars. The soil was turned to dust by cruel steppe nomads and the ancient temples were ruined. For nearly three centures, the Ukrainian people fought against other invaders – the Lithuanian feudal lords and Polish gentry. In the memorable year of 1654 our people gave their oath of loyalty beside the walls of St.Sophia Catherdral to maintain frendship with Russia. Even today the monument to Bogdan Khmelnitskiy reminds us of the historical decisions taken at the Pereyaslav Council, which proved to be the turning point in the destiny of Ukraine.

Nowadays, Kiev`s green hills, crowned with ancient golden domes, are surrounded by widespeading new residential areas. Kiev`s architecture incorporates old and new features. The most loved of all streets in Kiev is Khreschatyk Street. The streets run into it to form the ensemble of the Independence Sqaure. It is along Khreschatyk Street pass tens of thousands of Kievites on days of celebrations.

More than fifteen centures have passed over Kiev`s hills. Lauded by poets, writers, composers and artists, it was never before so beautiful and youthful in appearance. The cityscape has been changed markedly during the last 30 years. Also Kiev is a garden city. In spring, the chestnut trees kindle their rosy and white candles among the green leaves. In summer, the parks in Kiev are beautiful with rainbow palette of roses, bushes, trees. The spreading linden trees add their scent to the potpourri. In autumn, Kiev makes a special impression. The trees on the streets flaunt red and yellow head-dresses, and  chestnuts drop noisily on the carpet of leaves beneath. None can say what season is the best to sightseeing. Whether it is all in blossom or covered with snow, Kiev is always lovely.

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