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Interesting Facts About Kiev Metro

Kiev Subway

Public transportation in Kyiv includes the metro (underground or subway), buses, marshrutkas (public mini bus), trolleybuses and trams.
Kiev (Kyiv) Metro System is the fastest, most convenient and affordable way to get around nearly all of the city. Kiev’s Subway is expanding to meet an ever increasing number of users – estimated at two million passengers per day. There are 3 operating lines in the Kyiv Subway System. The total length is about 58,7 km. There are 445 metro stations along with 3 points of interchange, where you can change from one line to another. There are approximately 664 metro wagons and 119 escalators.
Metro Tokens cost 2.00 Hryvnia. You can buy them in each Metro Station at the “Kassa” (Cashier) or from a wall mounted dispenser, usually located near the “Kassa”, which excepts ten Hryvnya bills. The tokens are blue.

Kyiv Underground

Interesting facts about Kyiv Subway

1. The deepest subway station in the world is located in Kiev. It is a subway station Arsenalna, with its depth of 344,49 feet or 105 Meters.

2. Kyiv Metro was opened in the fall of 1960. Construction has been planning eleven years, from 1949 to 1960. The first line was tagged the red line, namely Sviatoshyns’ko-Brovars’ka.

3. Theri is no bins in the subway, because it is not the negligence of workers of the Subway, but instead it is a precautionary measure. Such practice has been started in the UK capital.

4. In the case of any war Kiev underground can serve as a shelter. All subway tunnels are equipped with special places for people. There are fountains with drinking water, toilets and stores with products that are updated regularly. At each station there are metal doors that are closed, and can withstand even a nuclear explosion.

5. Every evening the “internal” of the trains are washed by special staff, and outside of the trains are cleaned twice a month.

6. All the escalators of the world are laid at an angle of 30 degrees, the Kiev subway is no exception. Kiev escalators move at a speed slightly less than one meter per second.

7. The width of  the Subway ruts are the same as the width of railway ruts.  Subway cars are transported by rail from the factory.

8.The service life of the subway train – 31 years.

9. There is no representative of the fair sex among machinists in Kiev (and not only in Kiev) metro.

10. There are 49 Kiev subway stations (6 of them are terrestrial).

11. The oldest railway stations are Vokzalna, Universitet, Khreschatyk, Dnipro, Arsenalna.

12. Since 2000 the price of one token rose from 0,30 to 2 hryvnia.

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