Waterfall Dzhurynskyy
Near the picturesque ruins of a castle on the river Dzhuryn is the largest waterfall on the skirts, whose height is 16 m. Dzhurinsky Falls is the largest plain waterfalls of Ukraine.

Plain Waterfall
According to legend, the waterfall was artificially formed by the Turkish-Tatar troops, who in 1620 after the victory of Polish and Cossack troops destroyed everything in its path.

Dzhurynskyy waterfall - Ukraine

Dzhuryn River was once a very overflowing and in Chervonogorod (old name Nyrkiv village) makes a loop, pouring its waters surrounding settlements. In order to take this castle, the invaders had cut the stone ridge, and let the water to the deep Dzhuryn the waterfall, freeing his way to the castle.

At the waterfall at the beginning of the XIX century was a water mill, which in the early 20 th century was rebuilt in two turbine water mill. She grind flour and supplied electricity to Chervonogorodsky town.

Waterfalls in Ukraine

In 1956, in its place a hydroelectric power plant, which furnished electricity for villages Nyrkov, Nagiryany and salt. Unfortunately, it also has not survived. There remained only ruins. But the waterfall and continue to throw their water from the 16 – meter height.