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Monument to the genocide of Ukranians

Famine 1932-1933

The Monument in Mgar (Poltava region) to the Ukrainian famine of 1932—1933

A quarter of Ukraine’s population was wiped out in just two years. Ukrainians starved to death in 1932-33 as USSR leader Joseph Stalin stripped them of their produce in a forced farm collectivisation campaign.

Mgar Savior’s Transfiguration monastery

Mgar Monastery

The Mgar Orthodox monastery was founded in 1619 by Princess Raina Mogylyanka Vyshnevetska, the cousin of famous Petro Mogyla, the founder of most ancient Eastern Slavic University in Kyiv (Kiev). Raina Vyshnevetska was the land-lady of huge territories near Lubny in Eastern Ukraine, which then was part of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The monastery belonged to Moscow Orthodox Church.

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