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Hetman Capital City of Baturyn in Ukraine

Hetman Fortress national historical and cultural reserve in Baturyn, Ukraine

Baturyn (Baturin) is a historic town in the Chernihiv Oblast in the North of Ukraine. It is located in the Bakhmach district of the oblast, on the banks of the Seym River. The current estimated population is 3,066.

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Gustyn Holy-Trinity Monastery

Gustyn Holy-Trinity Monastery

Pryluky or Priluki is a city located on the Udai River in the Chernihiv Oblast, north-central Ukraine. Serving as the administrative center of the Prylutsky district. The city boasts various monuments of national importance, including the Cossack regiment treasury, Gustyn Holy-Trinity Monastery, various churches and ancient cathedrals.

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Kozelets – historic town in Chernihiv region


Kozelets is a historic town located in Chernihiv Oblast of northern Ukraine. Kozelets is located on the Oster River, a tributary of the Dnieper. The city’s estimated population is 8,305 (as of 2007). Continue reading