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Interesting facts about Ukraine – Wonders of Ukraine

In July 2007, the Ukrainians voted for their seven favourite historical and cultural sites. The sites were then given the status of being the “Seven Wonders of Ukraine”.

Ukraine is a large country of diverse natural beauty, rich in culture and with a long, interesting history!

Experts in various fields were asked to vote for their seven best sites, which were condensed into a list of 1,000 candidates. These were examined by a council of 100 experts and the list was narrowed down to 21. Then Internet users could cast their votes to make up the list of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine. The response from the public was very positive. About 77,000 internet users took part in the campaign.

And here what they chose:

Sofievskiy Park in Uman
1. National Park Sofiyivka
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Hoverla Mountain Summit

Hoverla (Goverla) Mountain 2061m

The hill is Ukraine’s highest peak at 2061 m. Continue reading

Zakarpatska oblast

Zakarpatska oblast

The Zakarpatska Oblast is an administrative oblast located in southwestern Ukraine.

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Kolyba Museum

Kolyba Museum

Village Dilove, 12 km from Rakhiv. The Kolyba Museum is near Museum of ecology and Carpathian biosphere reserve, where the Geographic Center of Europe is. Continue reading

Carpathian Mountains or Carpathians

Autumn in Carpathians

Carpathian mountains

The Carpathian chain is usually divided into three major parts: the Western Carpathians (Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary), the Eastern Carpathians (South-Eastern Poland, Eastern Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania) and the Southern Carpathians (Romania, Serbia). Continue reading

Hoverla mountain

The highest mountain in Ukraine

Hoverla mountain

Hoverla mountain (2061 m) is the highest mountain in Ukraine and part of the Carpathian Mountains.Its coordinates are 48°10?12?N 24°34?12?E.

The mountain is located in the Eastern region. The slopes are covered with beech and spruce forests, above which there is a belt of sub-alpine meadows (called in Ukrainian Polonyna).

At the East there is the main spring of the Prut River. Continue reading