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Boryspil Airport – Kyiv

The main airport in Ukraine

The main airport in Ukraine

Boryspil International Airport is the main air gateway of Ukraine. It shares a little bit more than 60% of the total volume of air passengers of Ukraine. The airport serves transcontinental flights from Asia to Europe and America.

There are 42 foreign airlines and 8 Ukrainian airlines operating regular passenger flights on 84 routes including 72 international routes and 12 Ukrainian ones.

Boryspil Airport is located 29 km far from Kyiv and 6 km from Boryspil town. It occupies the territory of 943 ha.

The history of Boryspil Airport dates back to 1959. It was decided to create Boryspil Airport of civil aviation, named Kyiv (Central), on the basis of a military aerodrome.

Last time there was a special program developed at SE IA “Boryspil” to get ready for European soccer championship “Euro-2012”.


Panorama - 2

Panorama - 3


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