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Ternopil Oblast – Zaleschyky

Zaleschyky - Dnister River

Ternopil Oblast is an oblast (province) of Ukraine. Its administrative center is Ternopol, through which flows the Seret River, a tributary of the Dniester.

The current estimated population is around 10,100. Continue reading

Twin towers in Chervonograd – Ternopil oblast

Chervonograd - castle and church in Nyrkiv village

Chervonograd – a city which no longer exists on the map. Continue reading

Hoverla Mountain Summit

Hoverla (Goverla) Mountain 2061m

The hill is Ukraine’s highest peak at 2061 m. Continue reading

Zakarpatska oblast

Zakarpatska oblast

The Zakarpatska Oblast is an administrative oblast located in southwestern Ukraine.

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Kolyba Museum

Kolyba Museum

Village Dilove, 12 km from Rakhiv. The Kolyba Museum is near Museum of ecology and Carpathian biosphere reserve, where the Geographic Center of Europe is. Continue reading

Olesko Castle


Olesko Castle is an outstanding architectural and historic monument from the 13th – 18th centuries, once a strong fortress of old Rus in the 14th century.

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Why do people typically pursue the Ukrainian tour industry?

Independence Square Continue reading

Pavoloch, Pavolotch, Pavolotsch, Pavolocz

Pavoloch in Zhytomyrska oblast

Pavolitch is at N49°52′ E29°27′, which is 100 km south-west of Kiev in Zhytomyrska oblast. Pavoloch is first known to have existed at the beginning of the 17th century. Continue reading


Askania-Nova Biosphere Reserve
Askania-Nova, which covers 33,307.6 hectares, is a biosphere reserve located in the fescue-and-feather grass steppe, the only area of its kind in Europe. The reserve was established by Falz-Fein, who used over 1,665 hectares of his grassland for this purpose in 1889. This date marks the founding of the first nature preserve in the Russian Empire. Tsar Nicholas II called Askania “a picture from the Bible.” Continue reading

Rivers of Ukraine – Gornyy Tikach

Gornyy Tikach - rivers of Ukraine

Gornyy Tikach is a river in Cherkasska oblast in Central Ukraine. Continue reading

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