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St. Theodores Church or Kiev Jerusalem

Kiev Jerusalem

Kiev Jerusalem at Lukyanivka district in Kiev


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Private Tour to Mezhyhirya – land between hills

Tour Guide to Mezhyhirya was the former private residence of former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych

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Hydropark and all Kiev in one Hand


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Our services as Private Tour Guides completely depend on your needs


If you have a business trip to Kiev we can arrange transportation during a day or evening, between your business meetings I can show you the best places to have lunch and more…

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Find 10 Differences between Russian and Ukrainian Characters

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Ten Interesting Facts about Ukraine

Bogdan Khmelnitskiy monument

1. The world’s oldest recognized constitution was created by a Ukrainian statesman, Pylyp Orlyk. The constitution was formed immediately after his election as Hetman of Zaporizhia troops in April 1710 – 77 years earlier than the enactment of the constitution of the United States.

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Hydropark in Kiev

Hydropark in Kiev

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What Does The Word “Ukraine” Mean

The word “Ukraine” has a deep sense in understanding of our world.
Translated from the ancient Sanskrit language «UKR» means Light, «RA» means the Sun and the «INE» means fine spiritual energy.
Ukraine is a country of sunshine and spiritual energies.
It is fine to believe that it is we, the Ukrainians, who will be able to open the world the lost ancient knowledge of the spiritual energies.
To realize this mission is possible only through a system of spiritual education, formation of tourism trends to Unkraine and popularisation of our country.

Weeks of prayer for Ukraine and Crimea

We, ordinary ukrainian people, call on all the people the world to support the region Crimea and the whole Ukraine in prayer as the situation following the ousting of President Yanukovych escalates.
What has happened after the EUMaidan Revolution
A few weeks after the former president fled the capital where around a hundred protesters had been killed Russia voted in favour of military action in Ukrainian Crimea. Russian troops are reported to have occupied the airport in Sevastopol, with fears the invasion could spread. Crimea, an autonomous region, is largely Russian-speaking.
Olexander Turchynov was appointed interim president some weeks ahead of full elections in May. Former prime minister and leading figure in the 2004 orange revolution Yulia Tymoshenko is expected to stand alongside boxing champion Vitali Klitschko who has already declared that he will.
The ousting of President Yanukovych was widely seen as a shift away from friendship with Russia and towards closer relationships with the European Union. Mr Yanukovych had pulled out of negotiations with European Union opting instead for financial assistance from Russia. The violence and eventual revolution, was however, as much about opposition to the internal corruption of the regime as about international relations.

We are citizens of Ukraine have watched with broken hearts the events that seem to grow steadily worse. It is sad to see the invasion of foreign troops into the sovereign nation of Ukraine. I hope the world wakes up and not let this become another Georgia, which Russia invaded in 2008.
The situation in Ukraine is extremely tense. Peace is fragile and we are calling on the all people in the world for prayer and support at this critical time for our ukrainian nation!

Dear God, thank you for this great test you have prepared for us!
Thank you for everything!
We are ready to die for our holy country,
Please, God, save our souls!

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