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Puscha-Voditsa in Kiev Region

Puscha-Voditsa, Kiev region
Puscha-Voditsa is a historic place and climate resort in the northwestern part of Kiev. It is located within a dense forest and away from the urban Kiev. Puscha is known for number of sanatoriums and state cottages for government officials. Continue reading

    Buky – Landscape Park in the Kiev Oblast

    Village Buki – a small locality situated 12 km to the north of the district center Skvira, Kiev oblast and has about 600 residents. Even in the 11-13 centuries there were first settlements. Continue reading

      Rules of Etiquette, Traditions, etc.

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      Ukrainians are very hospitable.

      As their guest, you will receive red-carpet treatment. This includes heavily-laden tables, gifts, and many toasts.

      Some rules of etiquette may be useful: Continue reading

        Nature of Ukraine


        Continue reading

          If you are planning to visit Ukraine

          tour guide in Kiev

          Ukrainian society has its own characteristics that may seem unusual to you .

          One of them – a tribute to tradition!

          The other – the result of a bizarre historical development.

          Here is a try to tell you about the habits , customs, peculiar to the Ukrainians , which may seem strange.

          So, if you are planning a visit to Ukraine, you will be always welcome .

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            Trakhtemyriv and its wonderful hills


            Trakhtemyriv, Kaniv district, is a former Cossack capital.

            “It is Trakhtemyriv: nothing bad can happen here to man or animal,” assure local citizens of the village Velykyy Bukryn.

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              Kiev History Museum

              Kyiv History Museum

              Kyiv History Museum was opened on May 26, 1982 – during the celebration of the 1500th anniversary of the city. More than twenty years it was placed in the Klovsky Palace (architecture of the XVIII century). In May 2004 the Museum was closed to the public and moved to the “Ukrainian House” (Khreschatyk Str. 2). Exposure and exhibition activity resumed Museum August 22, 2012 in a new building of the museum and exhibition center on the street. Khmelnytskoho 7. Continue reading

                Ukrainian Freaks (Fun Facts about Ukraine)

                Ukrainian freaks

                See the list of fun facts about Ukraine and Ukrainians, which always discourage aliens in our country:

                1. Ukrainians often drive on the right side of the road, Continue reading

                  Ukrainian Folk Art Made by Souls


                  Clay festival “TseGlyna 2014” took place end May and beginning June in Kiev. It was a great opportunity to show Kievites and their guests what is in theirs hearts and minds. Continue reading

                    Guided Tour to the ex-president of Ukraine Yanukovichs residence – Mezhygirya

                     Guided Tour to the ex-president of Ukraine Yanukovichs residence - Mezhygirya

                    Land between Hills Continue reading

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